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El Cine Soy Yo (The Moving Picture Man)

THE MOVING PICTURE MAN or EL CINE SOY YO, in Spanish, is the story of  Jacinto, a film projectionist, a child called Manuel - his alter ego - and Juliet, a lovely, unconventional young French woman.

Jacinto having practiced many professions (very usual in our underdeveloped country) he becomes a policeman, then a street vendor and photographer. But the man is not contented by what life has had in store for him and he decides to become a moving picture projectionist.

This, Venezuelan “homme á tout faire” converts his truck into a “ROLLING WHALE”. You know, he is a creative man... he does not give up, and his imagination goes faster than his reality.

The story is the tender, cruel and romanesque adventures of an unusual family rolling along inside  an “autovisual truck”.

El Cine Soy Yo (The Moving Picture Man). Venezuela - Francia, 1977. 
A film by: Luis Armando Roche
Screenplay: Luis Armando Roche y Fabrice Hélion
Production: Chabono Films C.A. (Venezuela) y Dimage-FR3 (Francia)
Cinematography: Jimmy Glasberg
Cast: Asdrúbal Meléndez, Juliet Berto, Alvaro Roche, Domingo del Castillo, Fredyy Galavis.