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Mi hermano Marcel Roche


Mi hermano Marcel Roche
A film by Luis Armando Roche

“ My brother Marcel Roche ” (Mi hermano Marcel Roche) is a personal gaze upon the life of Dr. Marcel Roche, a noted Venezuelan scientist,
by his brother, the film maker Luis Armando Roche, Venezuelan National Film Award, 1999.

Marcel Roche graduated as MD from Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University Medical School, then on to the Central University of Venezuela (UCV). Roche was the founder of IVIC (Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research) and of the CONICIT (National Council of Scientific and Technological Research), both of Venezuela.  He edited the scientific magazine “Intersciencia” and founded the School of Sociology of the Science at IVIC. Roche was a many-sided public figure, lover of science, music,  poetry and human beings.

A true “humanist”.


40 min   English and Spanish Subtitles.
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