Arsiete C.A.



In the life of Johann Sebastian Bach there is a period where Bach´s whereabouts are unknown.  Malcolm Boyd, the great Bach specialist writes: "Bach´s whereabouts, during this brief period cannot be accounted for...".
Robert Marshall, another Bach specialist, reiterates: "Those months are wrapped in mystery..." Abraham Abreu, notable Venezuelan contemporary harpsichordist, tells us: "We like to speculate, to dream, and to let our imagination run free of what could have happened to Bach during these months.....Bach, might have made a long voyage..."



Wanda Ordoñez, a Venezuelan harpsichordist, specialist of the baroque musical period, travels to a small town on the Venezuelan plains to give a concert. She reaches Zaraza´s main plaza, and while listening to Bach´s Prelude No. 3 she comes across a folk group that is playing a traditional "Seis Por Derecho" from the Venezuelan folklore. Wanda and José, the cuatro player of the group, notice the extraordinary resemblances between both musical gendres...

That night during Wanda´s concert, José falls sleep....and in that imaginary world of dreams, musicologists and a music teacher vocalize an oniric Cantata about Bach and Lola´s "Amour Fou" and their voyage through time and space...



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